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Migration and Asylum

About 444 million registered migrants.

About 25 million people born in a developing country are living in the EU, representing around 5% of their total population.

  • Borned in a developing country
  • Remaining UE population

65.3 million refugees and asylum seekers.

Women represent 52.4% of international migrants in Europe.

  • Women
  • Men


Gender Equality

Globally, gender equality rate is around 68%.

  • 32%
  • 68%

Gender equality in economic terms stands at 59%.

  • 41%
  • 59%

Political empowerment is the sector where gender inequality is most pronounced, with a record of 23%.

  • 77%
  • 23%

Labor and wage equality are expected to occur only 170 years from now.


Sustainable Development

In 1950, 30% of the world’s population was urban.

  • Urban population
  • Rural population

In 2008, the urban population reached 3.3 billion, surpassing, for the first time in human history, the rural population.

By 2030, about 60% of the world’s population can live in urban centers.

  • Population living in urban centers
  • Population living in rural areas

By 2050, the world’s population could reach 9 billion.