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What are the expected results of the actions?

  • Contribute to an effective European policy on the integration of migrants.
  • Promote the integration of migrant women in their host societies and maximize opportunities for international migration and its benefits for the development of the European Union.
  • Promote access to the labor market and empower women.
  • Develop the practice of urban agriculture between economic, environmental and social benefits.
  • Allow the rehabilitation and improvement of marginal or neglected areas of cities.

Can I integrate Urbagri4women?

  • This is not an age group.
  •  Accessible project for all migrant women or immigration problems, asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection in the host society.

Am I being censored in the city where the headquarters of the organization of the country in question is located?

  • No, it is not necessary.
  • Women who reside in the city will have more to facilitate to participate, gardens are available in the agglomeration.

What are the commitments?

  • Your presence at activities and meetings.

Is there a counterpart?

  • No, no consideration is ever required.

I am interested, who should I contact, what is the procedure?

  • You can send an email to the following address:
    You can also follow on social networks: Facebook Twitter and YouTube.

Is it a minimum of the host country language  is required?

  • There is no minimum required, just have the basics for us to communicate.