TAMAT – Italy

TAMAT is an accredited NGO by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affair and a member of AICS, Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, which has entered its twentieth year of activity.

We believe in people and in strengthening individual and community-based abilities and resources, to improve everyone’s living standards and conditions. We support local organizations, so that every person in every place can live of their own resources and skills. We support local people and civil society in implementing sustainable, social, environmental, cultural and economic development solutions. We are for a fairer world and closer to women. We are in Africa, Latin America, the Balkans and Europe.

We work on food sovereignty, food security, agri-ecology and agri-culture, Internal Cooperation for Sustainable Development, Microcredit, Microenterprise, Immigration and Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration, Immigration and Co-development, European Territorial Co-operation and Global Citizenship Education.

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