iED – Greece

The vision of iED is the facilitation of all the necessary preconditions required for the creation of an environment that will cultivate entrepreneurship and subsequently, social and economic cohesion and development, since 2005.

In order to meet this end, we invest in innovation and aim to offer custom-made, realistic solutions to enterprises and individuals in order to strengthen business culture and provide viable solutions to problems and challenges related to entrepreneurial activities.

We are an organization particularly aimed at developing the skills and the wider potential of the human capital. Our activities, services and products address mainly enterprises, self-employed individuals and other professionals, business consultants, career guidance counselors, academic researchers and students, unemployed and other socially vulnerable groups, volunteers and youth. At their service we have assembled a team of consultants, marketing experts, programmers, designers, project managers, lawyers and researchers with each one of them being an expert in their own field.

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