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CARDET – Cyprus

CARDET was created in 2004 and is is one of the premier social justice oriented organizations in Cyprus with extensive experience developing and implementing programs focusing on migrants and integration.

We are the founders of the Mediterranean Migration Network, which is funded by EU Solidarity funds, with more than 150 organizations as members from EU and the world. CARDET is also the Cyprus Focal Point of the European Website on Integration and the Cyprus partner for Migrant Integration Policy Index Project (MIPEX).

Moreover CARDET completed more than 12 projects on issues related to migration and integration, under the Solidarity Funds and the Lifelong Learning Programs. In addition, CARDET is the Cyprus focal point of the Global Network “Social Watch”, with more than 200 member organizations, working in the fields of social justice and social integration. Furthermore, CARDET is a founder member of the Cyprus Platform for Non-Governmental Development Organizations, with more than 30 member organizations.

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