Interview Seminar within the URBAGRI4WOMEN project

The Institute for Entrepreneurship Development, helping to integrate people from vulnerable social groups including migrants and refugees, participates in the project “URBAGRI4WOMEN – Innovative Practices and Joint Urban Initiatives to Support the Integration of Immigrant Women in Local Communities through Urban Rural Activities”, co-funded by the European Union through the Asylum, Immigration and Integration Fund. The main purpose of the project is for migrant women arriving in different communities in Europe to be able to join society through various agricultural initiatives and activities.

More information about partners and actions can be found on the project website.

In this context, the Institute for Entrepreneurship Development, in cooperation with the Municipality of Larissa, organizes a Interview Seminar on 14 November 2017 on “Methods and Tools for the Social Integration of Migrants and Refugees” in order to communicate both the project and its objectives in the city of Larissa . The seminar will be attended by associates of the Institute from Turkey, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Albania, and representatives of the Municipality as well as local organizations will be present to exchange and discuss good practices in the European countries in general, and in Larissa in particular, on methods and tools for integration.

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