Tamat opens “Food that recounts stories” contest

“Food that recounts stories” is the contest, organized by Tamat within Urbagri4Women, aimed at both promoting culture and history of everyone and encouraging intercultural dialogue between people through photography and storytelling.

Open especially to migrant women, it invites them to send photographs of dishes that are representative and expressive of own culture and life. It also calls participants to accompany the images with a brief story, in Italian or in English, in order to valorise their creativity and their culture.

The text can be real or imaginary; it can be a prose or poetry; it can be a desciption or a story. There is no limit to the form nor to the content, which are completely free. However, it must be related to the image.

Participating is extremely easy and free: read the information carefully, sign up by filling out the form and tell us a little about yourself and your story!

Urbagri4Women is co-financed by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

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