Mediterranean countries discuss challenges related to migration

The project “Urbagri4Women – Innovative practices and urban initiatives in the field of agriculture for promoting integration of migrant women in the host society” was presented at the kick off meeting of the Mediterranean Migration Network (MMN) on April 27 and 28, in Nicosia, Cyprus. This initiative aimed to promote debate and reflection on the challenges of the Mediterranean countries regarding migration.

The meeting, attended by AIDGLOBAL, CARDET and TAMAT, brought together several countries, including Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Italy, Malta and Portugal, was attended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cyprus and the International Organization for Migration, among other institutions.

The MMN network is funded by the European Union through the “Asylum, Migration and Integration” Fund and supported by CARDET, both partners in the “Urbagri4Women” project, an initiative that aims to promote the integration of migrant women in host societies, including those who have requested asylum and beneficiaries of international protection, enabling them to develop innovative and subsistence projects in the area of agriculture.

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